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Ultimate Price Action Trading Course


Discover the real story behind markets. It's time to learn the truth and make profit.


Class Schedule

Duration : 4 - 5 Week

Weekday Batch : 3 Days in a Week

You Pay : 11,999/-

Fees : 24,000/-

Time : 7 PM LIVE

Recording Access : Yes

Doubt Clearing : Everyday, Online

Language : Hindi

Plan Like a Pro

Learn how to plan your trades in advance, so you know exactly when to buy and sell for the best results.

Beat the Crowd

Understand why it's smart to buy when others are selling, or vice versa, so you can make money while others miss out.

Get in Early

Jump into trades before everyone else does, giving you a head start and more profit potential.

Spot Hidden Opportunities

Learn to see when the market is about to change, so you can make trades that others miss.

Read the Signs

Learn to understand how prices move, so you can make better choices about when to buy and sell.

Stick to the Plan

Follow clear rules for trading, so you don't get caught up in emotions and make bad decisions.

Trade with Confidence

Stop second-guessing yourself and trade with a strategy that works, so you can feel more secure in your decisions.

Find the Best Trades

Learn a method that helps you find the trades with the most potential for profit, so you can make more money.

Relax and Trade

Spend less time worrying about your trades and more time enjoying life, knowing your trades are in good hands.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Stop making impulsive decisions that lose you money, and start trading with a plan that keeps your capital safe.

Trade with Clarity

Make decisions with confidence, knowing exactly what you're doing and why.

No Regrets

Trade without worrying about whether you made the right choice, because you'll know your decisions are based on solid rules.

This Course is right for...

🎓 Beginner and Intermediate Traders: Realize your dream of mastering the stock market with a course that guides you from the basics to advanced strategies, regardless of your current skill level.

💼 Job Professionals: Fulfill your dream of financial independence by learning to trade alongside your profession, harnessing the power of the market to achieve your goals on your own terms.

🏠 Homemakers and Retirees: Make your dream of financial security a reality through accessible trading education, providing the knowledge and tools needed to thrive in your golden years or while managing household affairs.

💡 Entrepreneurs and Business Owners: Expand your horizons and realize your dream of diversified income streams by integrating trading into your business strategy, unlocking new avenues for wealth creation.

💰 Investors and Students: Achieve your dream of financial freedom by mastering the art of trading, whether you're a seasoned investor looking to enhance your portfolio or a student eager to learn the ropes.

📚 Self-Dependent Individuals: Empower yourself to turn your dream of financial autonomy into reality, gaining the skills and confidence to manage your investments and trading activities independently.