About Us

Welcome to Srivari Trader, where Devendra Gawade, a trader and trainer in the stock market, is ready to guide you. Devendra has been trading for years and loves studying charts to find opportunities. He's put in a lot of work to make trading easier for his students. Srivari Trader is for anyone who wants to make more money and improve their finances, no matter their age. We'll teach you through easy-to-understand lessons and real-world experience. Trading might seem tricky, but we'll show you various ways to help you succeed.

Our mission

At Srivari Trader, led by Devendra Gawade, our mission is simple: to help traders succeed in the stock market. We focus on teaching effective planning, understanding market dynamics, and using clear strategies like buying when others sell and many more. By mastering these skills, traders can maximize profits and eliminate guesswork. Join us and learn how to make smart, profitable trades with confidence.

Our vision

At Srivari Trader, led by Devendra Gawade, our vision is to empower traders with confidence and control. We aim to eliminate impulsive decisions and provide clarity in trading. With objective rules, we enable traders to trade without regrets and reduce uncertainty in trading. Join us and trade with peace of mind and clarity at Srivari Trader.