Shape the Market

Crack the Trade

Ultimate Price Action Trading Course

How to Make Money from Trading

Want to make money from trading? Our course, 'Shape the Market, Crack the Trade,' is tailored just for you and your trading goals. Whether you're new to trading or not, we provide simple yet powerful resources to help you grasp how trading works and how to profit from it. We'll guide you to trade smartly like a pro by identifying patterns crafted by market makers. These patterns will steer you away from impulsive trades and uncertain guesswork, ensuring you can earn a nice profit from your trades.


Shape the Market

Crack the Trade

This course cover Intraday, Swing, Position and Options Specific Training.

Versatile Trading Methodology Effective Across All Markets and Timeframes.

Ultimate Price Action Trading Course

What you will Learn

Master the skill of planning trades well ahead of time.

Discover the rationale behind buying when others are selling, or selling when others are buying.

Enter trades before the average trader becomes aware of them.

Learn why and when new imbalances are created within the market.

Understand the significance of context, structure, and location in trading.

Utilize larger timeframes to ensure trading in the right direction.

Develop a deeper understanding of price action analysis for more effective decision-making.

Master a mechanical, rule-based approach to eliminate subjective biases.

Say goodbye to second-guessing with a non-discretionary trading method.

Maximize your trading profit with the supply and demand trading methodology.


-Enjoy peace of mind by reducing the need to constantly check charts.

-Eliminate impulsive decisions that often lead to losses.

-Trade with clarity and confidence, avoiding confusion.

-Trade without regrets, knowing your decisions are based on objective rules.

-Take control of your trading approach and make decisions with conviction.

-Eliminate uncertainty in initiating option trades. (option buying, selling)