Module 1: Introduction to the Stock Market

What is the Stock Market?

How Does the Stock Market Work?

Buying and Selling Stocks

Bull and Bear Markets

Long Term vs Short Term Investing

Stock Exchange: Function and Role

Index and Sector Analysis

Market Participants and Their Influence

Trading Instruments: Stocks, Futures, and Options

Module 2: Trading Basics

Basics of Stocks, Futures, and Options

Intraday vs Positional Trading

Futures Trading: Buying and Selling

Options Trading: Buying and Selling

Fundamental Analysis: Company and Industry Evaluation

Technical Analysis: Price Action and Chart Patterns

Trading Business Pros and Cons

Trading Styles: Day Trading, Swing Trading, Position Trading

Trading Method : Trend Trading, Retracement Trading, Couter-Trend Trading

Module 3: Basic to Advanced Price Action

Dow Theory

Trend Identification and Analysis

Support and Resistance Levels

How to Trade Support and Resistance

Candlestick Patterns: Basic to Advanced

Chart Patterns: Reversal and Bilateral Patterns

Module 4: Advanced Trading Concepts

Supply and Demand Dynamics

Imbalances and Turning Points

Logic Behind Zone Formation

How and Why Supply and Demand Zone Form Examples

Module 5: Zone Formation and Analysis

Components and Types of Supply and Demand Zones

Zone Formation Process and Examples

Steps to Mark Zone Consistently and Methodically

Price Action Zone

Features of Zone

Module 6: Trendlines & Zone Validation

How to Draw Trendlines Methodically

Validating Supply and Demand Zone

Marking Valid Zones

Module 7: Multiple Timeframe

Multiple Timeframe Analysis

Timeframe Combination

Price Fractality

Refined Trend Analysis

Module 10: Bonus Lessons

How to Trade All Time High, Low




Module 8: Mastering Top-Down Analysis for Smart Trading

Top-Down Analysis

Ideal Timeframe Sequence for Trading

Price Movement and Zone in Control

Aligning Trends Across Multiple Timeframes

Trend Scenarios and Trade

Pre-Trading Checklist

Trade Types

Trade Management and Exit

Module 9: Risk Management and Trading Psychology

Risk to Reward Ratio

Return Scenarios

Risk Reward and Win Rate

Position Sizing

Drawdown and Money Management

Trading Psychology

Emotions and Psychology in Trading

Strategies for Managing Emotions

Module 11: Options Trading

Understanding Options, Option Chain and Greeks

Option Buying and Selling Strategies